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Stint search and get efficient and definite lookup!
Stint is quite unspecific and a search yields many links.

Taipudex is the approach to check every keypress and apply acceptable choices from the current list of selections. Dynamic shortcuts in a table layout are selected by single keypresses. The menu advances until a final item is hit. No additional effort is required to get autocompletion. Real autocompletion is achieved by appending unique complements that are visible in advance.

Incremental String Lookup

~  : ^ Δ {.*♦|.*…}

~+1: ~ Δ {.*♦|.*…}

~ is a unique line of a variable length list.
Δ is the unique character position in current list.
♦ is the result or resulting link, displayed in separate column.
{ | } list of alternatives separated by |.
.*♦ zero or more final characters followed by target.
.*… trailing ellipsis after the longest common continuation of the successors.
… ellipses becomes Δ in the next step

··· Lookup Interface Taipudex

Taipudex is implemented as incremental selection. The alternatives presented are uniquely selected with a single keystroke. In case the letter does not match, the toggled case is probed, before the keypress is silently ignored.
It works from the first letter. The initial list starts with a list of all primary letters. Subsequent lists of natural language word lookups rapidly decrease in size.
Common predictive user interfaces jump to the beginning of a matching block. To accept the element you have to type space or another implementation specific key.
For lookup only purposes there is no need to let the user overwrite a predicted supplement as it is useful in editors, where you do not want to be restricted in what to type next. That's why Taipudex comes without an input field, lookup does not require to edit anything.
Space is regarded part of the lookup string and allows to proceed with secondary words without interruption. No change of focus is required to another inputfield of different category.
As lookup does not advance on false keys, the actual view is auto-validated.
Taipudex just autocompletes the suffix, that has been visible in advance. The user does not need to halt typing, but skip the sequence appended. The user has not to switch to scroll or click.
Of course the items are clickable.
Convenient one hand operating is achieved with the arrow keys. Up/down activates a row as usual. An initial Up starts from the bottom. Right selects, Left undoes.
The method is not limited to single word lookup. Some demos require to enter space or any following letter to continue. Suggestions do not stop on word boundaries. Every follow up word is selectable from the beginning. Your are not restricted to a specific order. Any of the words fit as a starting point. Another demo offers a trailing asterisk, to see all remaining possibilities at once.